“Parcify allows us to address the changing needs of our customers at Carrefour”

Imagine having your groceries delivered at your home whenever it suits you. At Carrefour Belgium, it’s no longer a dream. This retailer found Parcify to be the ideal partner to fine-tune its home delivery service to customers’ demands. The pilot project in about 40 Carrefour stores has proved to be a huge success. 

Together, Carrefour and Parcify try to provide an answer to customers’ changing purchasing behaviour. ‘Customers are becoming even more demanding and we want to respond to this evolution. My own children are a good example – they want to be able to shop after 8 p.m., tend to spend more time on online stores than in physical stores and like to have their goods delivered at home the next day. Preferably, when they’re home themselves,’ says Arnaud Lesne, B2B and innovation director at Carrefour Belgium.

‘Anyone using drive.be can do their shopping with us at any hour of the day. We were still looking for a fast, flexible and transparent solution for our deliveries in addition to traditional home deliveries. A partner that could deliver our products at your home when you want it, even during the weekend! It quickly became clear that Parcify could fulfil this promise and make our customers’ lives easier,’ Arnaud tells us enthusiastically.

Innovation, more than a buzzword

‘Innovation is one of Carrefour’s priorities,’ he continues, ‘It’s a buzzword often used by retailers, but not everyone pursues it with the same vigour. Someone who dares to innovate knows there are risks to it. It’s exactly that game of trial and error that makes it so interesting. You’re constantly learning until you find the perfect match to solve your problem. We notice the same attitude with Parcify. It’s open to feedback and is constantly helping us find the best solution. It’s this breath of fresh air that allows a retailer like Carrefour to surf the digital wave.’

Closer to our customers

‘Parcify allows customers of Carrefour to benefit as much as possible from our wide range of products divided among our 3 retail chains, i.e. Hypermarket, Market and Express. It brings our whole range of products closer to our customers. Express-customers who live nearby will be able to have their groceries delivered at home within 2 hours. City dwellers who don’t live near a Hypermarkt can still order the most recent iPhone online and have it delivered by a Parcify driver within 24 hours,” Arnaud explains.

Keeping fresh produce fresh

The Molière Carrefour Market in the heart of Brussels is one of the participants in the pilot project. ‘The key element for us is to have our fresh products home-delivered while it’s still fresh,’ shop manager Vincent Mainil tells us, ‘Isothermal bags make sure that cool products stay cool. In most cases, the Parcify drivers who deliver our groceries don’t need to drive more than 5 kilometres. All goods are quickly delivered to our customers.’

Vincent has absolute confidence in our Parcify drivers. ‘Why shouldn’t I? Just like us, our customers can chat with them live and give them a score afterwards. It’s a very transparent system that works for the users as well as the drivers.’

Enjoying life

‘Which of our customers use Parcify? It’s very diverse. It includes couples who want to spend as much time as possible with their children, but also singles who want to enjoy sports, hobbies or friends as much as possible. But elderly people use Parcify as well, you know.

The latter sometimes have health problems and depend on their neighbours or family for their shopping. With Parcify, less-mobile people don’t have to adapt to the availability of friends and family. People without a car who like to visit our stores on foot can have heavy items home-delivered by Parcify. Recently, I saw a young woman in our store with a baby on her shoulder. She was pushing 2 full shopping trolleys, which isn’t very practical. When we told her about Parcify, she was immediately interested. So, it’s also a good solution for people who are dealing with diapers on a daily basis. It allows everyone to enjoy life more fully,’ Vincent concludes.

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