6 tips for an easy Parcify match

Tip 1: Enter your delivery as early as possible

If you want to surprise someone with a home-delivered breakfast on Sunday morning, it’s best to enter your delivery on the platform as soon as you know all the details. You’ll have more chances of finding a courier who can deliver your surprise on time at its destination.

Tip 2: Don’t forget to factor in rush hour

Keep in mind that deliveries during rush hour can take a bit longer. If it doesn’t matter whether an item is delivered at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m., it’s best to choose a timeslot that is as wide as possible. This makes it easier for the Parcify couriers to accept your request, which enhances your chances of finding a courier.

Tip 3: Mention possible parking space to the courier

Having an item delivered in the city centre definitely sounds like a job for Parcify, but it’s hard to find parking space sometimes. Let couriers know if they can park at your neighbours’ house, at a nearby garage or right in front of your house. You can add this information to your delivery description. This way, couriers won’t need to worry about accepting your delivery.

Tip 4: Make the description of your delivery as detailed as possible

One of the advantages of Parcify is the fact that your parcel doesn’t need to comply with certain restrictions regarding dimensions and weight. However, it does help to include a clear description of the item(s) you want to have delivered or even a photo. This allows the courier to assess whether or not (s)he will be able to transport your item(s).

Tip 5: Enter big deliveries as early as possible!

The earlier you request a big shipment, the higher your chances are of finding a courier. After all, not everyone will be able to deliver 10 crates of alcohol.

Tip 6: Friendliness helps to motivate

The more deliveries you request with Parcify, the faster you will match with Parcify couriers. The latter are also more likely to accept deliveries from a sender they already know and they had a positive experience with. If you treat them kindly, they will be more motivated to help you in the future.

In short, make sure to provide Parcify couriers with all the necessary details. This will allow for a swift retrieval and delivery. Don’t keep them waiting and make sure to greet them with a smile. Next time, you won’t have to worry about your delivery anymore!

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