Professionalism and respect

Parcify applies zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination, abuse or aggression.


It is not acceptable to refuse or accept services based on race, religion, origin, limited mobility, sexual preference, gender, marital status, identity, age or similar other feature protected under applicable federal law. Such behaviour can lead to a final loss of access to the Parcify platform.

No aggressive behaviour

It is disrespectful to make a condescending remark about a person or group. In addition, it is inappropriate to comment on someone’s appearance, making too personal questions or making unwanted physical contact.

There are times where you may need to contact the courier, sender or receiver. The usage of the user’s phone number outside business and delivery hours is strictly forbidden.  Please respect the privacy and personal space of other platform users. Violence in any form will not be tolerated. Such behaviour can lead to a final loss of access to the Parcify platform.

Human kindness

Calm and clear communication are the most efficient ways to calm down opinion differences, between you and another Parcify user. Parcify expects all users, couriers, applicants and destinations to treat each other with respect and courtesy. The use of inappropriate and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Safety and reliability

The safety of the couriers, as well as senders and receivers, on the Parcify platform is extremely important. To provide everyone with the most secure conditions, we ask:

Conformity with the law

Illegal substances and open cans or bottles of alcohol are not allowed in the vehicles of the couriers. In addition, Parcify does not tolerate any use of alcohol or drugs by couriers while using the Parcify app. If a sender or recipient is convinced that a courier is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he may ask the courier to immediately terminate the ride or delivery and may also report this via It is illegal and above all dangerous to use your mobile phone behind the wheel. As a courier, it is your responsibility to make the transport of the packages or goods safely and in accordance with the road code. As a courier, it is also your responsibility to have all necessary and valid documents needed to control your vehicle. We also recommend that you wear your seatbelt or helmet at all times.

Following the rules

We ask all users to keep their account information (name, address, bank account, mobile number, email address, …) up to date to stay active. In addition, we ask for couriers the same in regard to their vehicle documents. Everyone has to adhere to the rules of the platform.

If the data in the application is not in line with what was determined on the spot (in other words, if a significant difference was found while performing a job or task, in terms of size, weight, content, transport safety of the goods compared to what was stated in the app), then it can be refused. If you would find violations, please take a picture of the concerning goods and report this to us via We would like to hear your feedback and we will take action if necessary.

Feedback makes us better

Please rate your courier at the end of his ride. Your feedback will help us get insight on what possibly went well or wrong during a specific ride. The rating you give, will of course be visible to the courier. In this way the courier can have a better understanding in what he/she did wrong/well and how he/she can improve his/her behavior in the future. Let us build a safe and respectful environment together by having a transparent and open communication policy.