If you need more efficiency, these 7 online tools will help you save a lot of time.

As an entrepreneur, you always have too little time, too little sleep and still so much work to do. In short, there’s no end to your work, because there are a lot of responsibilities weighing on your shoulders. Fortunately, there is a whole range of online tools that allow you to save a lot of time, suffer from less stress and cut costs, so they’re a triple win!

  1. Asana

Even if business and red tape don’t mix very well, your mailbox is still crowded when you get into your car in the evening and you’ll hardly be able to meet that deadline tomorrow. In that case, Asana can help you centralize and plan your tasks at the right moment. Once a task is finished, you can just check it off your list and enjoy the flying unicorns, narwhals or seahorses on your screen.

  1. Instapaper

Even though an entrepreneur needs to stay informed about what’s going on in his or her sector, you never have time to read those interesting online articles. Instapaper allows you to save these articles so you can read them when you do have time.

  1. Mint

Imagine having a miniature accountant at your disposal at all times! That’s exactly what Mint does. This app allows you to prepare budgets with ease, keep track of your expenses and gain insight in potential cost-cutting opportunities. So now you’ll have time to discuss your accountant’s salary.

  1. Headspace

It may sound contradictory, but you can gain time by losing a little bit of time. After all, a head that is about to explode doesn’t really help productivity and creativity. The app Headspace allows you to reduce stress levels and focus more. For ten minutes, you completely focus on your breathing, body and surroundings, which helps you to relax!

  1. Plantsome app

Busy entrepreneurs tend to forget to water the plants. What could be more harmful to job satisfaction than faded plants on your desk? Luckily, there’s the Plantsome app to remind you when to water which plants and prevent your office from becoming a jungle full of faded plants.

  1. Parcify

Naturally, Parcify belongs on this list. Having a parcel delivered, has never been so easy, no matter if it contains hand-made baby clothes, flowers for your mistress or a racing bike. Parcify brings you and a nearby courier together. You can decide when and where everything will be picked up and delivered. What’s more, you can follow your shipment from the beginning until the end.

  1. Waze

If you often happen to be on the road yourself, you’d better keep your fingers crossed to avoid traffic jams. After all, you have better things to do than wasting your time in your car. Fortunately for you, there’s Waze, the ideal app for people on the road. It gives you updates on traffic jams, police checkpoints, cameras, traffic lights, speed cameras, fuel prices, etc. The app also constantly looks for the fastest route to your destination.

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