“Parcify allows me to make some money during my retirement”

Becoming a Parcify courier is very easy. You just need to enter your personal data, National Register or VAT number and bank account number on the app, tick the box indicating your vehicle’s size and off you go. That’s exactly what Erwin Janssens did. He’s one of our 3,500 enthusiasts and he’s on the road on an almost daily basis. This inhabitant of Kontich has done about 300 rides until now, which makes him a seasoned bringer. He told us the following story during one of his rides.

‘Some time, late last year, I was looking online for a way to earn some extra money. It didn’t take long before I found Parcify. The combination of social contact and driving a car appealed to me. For someone like me, who worked for 45 years and was surrounded by colleagues every day, the small talk before and after the rides gives me a boost. Apart from that, I think it’s also important to stay sharp and alert in today’s traffic, especially if you’re retired like me,’ says Erwin.

Combining several rides

Erwin combines several rides on one day, ‘I try to select the ones that I can fit into one single route. This allows me to cut costs and it’s also better for the environment. Luckily, my neighbourhood has a few people who regularly use Parcify for their shipments. I often accept their rides, which allows me to bond with them. So every time I drop by, the atmosphere is always nice and friendly.’

A statue of Buddha and a stuffed bird

‘Each delivery is different, which keeps it interesting. Sometimes you’re delivering flowers or groceries. The next day, you’re making someone happy delivering a gift basket on his or her birthday. Just recently, I was completely ‘zen’ while driving with a Buddha statue in the back seat. I have to say I wasn’t so ‘zen’ that time I had to deliver a stuffed bird. It’s a good thing the app shows you in advance what kind of delivery it is. Not every driver would be pleased with a dead bird in his back seat, I imagine (laughs).’


Only once was Erwin unable to deliver an item on time. ‘That was because of the Belgian traffic situation. Luckily, I was able to warn the receiver in advance. Sometimes you’re about to surprise someone with a gift, but you end up being surprised yourself because nobody answers the door. The app allows you to send a message in that case. Usually, you also receive a phone number, just in case something unexpected happens. In that kind of situation, it’s always good to be able to call someone (laughs).’

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